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Payrolling Services

If you’ve already found the right staff, let us eliminate the burdens associated with paying your employees by expertly managing your payroll, tax withholding and reporting.

Payrolling Services

We cover the worker’s compensation and unemployment taxes and insurance as well as the administrative reporting responsibilities.

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Great for employers that are looking for reliable, long-term employees and who understand the importance of the “right fit”.


A Temp-to-perm approach to hiring allows you to identify Top-Shelf employees and weed out the poor performers.

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Temporary Labor

If you need extra trimmers, packagers or general laborers, Kind Staffing can help find a suitable candidate.

Temporary Labor

Whatever the need, we dispatch over 200 workers every day to work on temporary assignments throughout the metro area and beyond.

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Direct Hire

Let our experienced professionals assist you in sourcing, locating, screening and interviewing applicants.

Direct Hire

This is what we do EVERY day and we are uniquely qualified to offer this service.

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Cannabis Industry Staffing Solutions

Kind Staffing LLC (“Kind”) is Oklahoma’s premier full-service staffing, recruiting and payrolling service focused specifically on supporting the cannabis industry. Kind was established in 2019 by Brandi Brooks, an Oklahoma native and long-time advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis. Kind is a sister company of Force Personnel Services, a staffing and payrolling company established in 2008 to offer Oklahoma businesses a one-stop resource for customized staffing and payrolling services. In the 11+ years since, Force has earned a reputation for flexibility and excellent customer service that truly sets us apart. We are excited to bring our expertise to the Oklahoma cannabis industry!

Are you a business in the cannabis industry looking for bud tenders, trimmers, dispensary support staff or even a Master Grower? We have a staff of highly motivated and driven individuals that are ready to work with you to create a program that perfectly fits your needs for staffing, payroll, recruiting, or a combination of these services. We handle all the State and Federal tax withholding and reporting, state and federal unemployment insurance, and workers compensation so you can focus on cannabis BUSINESS. You handle enough GREEN already. Let Kind Staffing provide your cannabis business with Higher Staffing Solutions.

Maybe you are looking to start an exciting career in the cannabis industry? The marijuana industry is enjoying explosive growth and hundreds of positions are available across the state in dispensaries, grow operations, labs, as well as in traditional business roles such as accounting or marketing. Our staffing and recruiting professionals are ready to help you land your dream job!

Kind Staffing, LLC. Offering the Oklahoma cannabis industry Higher Staffing Solutions.

Your Trusted Cannabis Staffing Agency

Filling open positions can be challenging, and filling positions for businesses operating in the marijuana industry is even more so. Kind Staffing is the trusted cannabis recruiting agency you need. We’re dedicated to facilitating easy and effective hiring practices, and we offer a range of payroll and hiring solutions that allow businesses to meet

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Why Your Company Needs a Cannabis Recruiting Agency

The cannabis industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, with many states electing to legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill to federally legalize the cultivation, manufacturing, and transport of hemp-derived products, the industry saw an even bigger boost. Further, growth will continue as more and more laws regarding legalization are enacted.

In other words, it’s a great time to be part of the cannabis industry. That said, launching and managing a business in a growth industry can certainly have its challenges, most notably, finding qualified staff. This is where Kind Staffing can help.

With the right partner in cannabis job recruiting, you’ll not only have an easier time finding qualified candidates for a wide range of job types, but you’ll gain access to applicants who offer the right fit for your company and your culture. Why should you work with cannabis and dispensary recruiting professionals?

Save Time and Money

Perhaps the best reason to partner with experienced cannabis recruiters in Oklahoma is to save yourself the time and expense associated with managing the hiring process yourself. Do you really want to task your staff with countless hours spent sifting through hundreds of resumes with limited potential for finding that diamond in the rough that perfectly suits your needs?

At Kind Staffing, we work closely with businesses to find out exactly what type of worker they’re looking for. We’re happy to offer advice on creating suitable job listings for applicants that will actually meet your needs. We’ll find candidates, gather information, and determine which contenders are not only qualified, but would prove a good fit for your company.

Further, we can negotiate salary on your behalf. All of these services help to ensure that you’re presented with the best candidates, giving you the opportunity to make a lasting hiring decision, rather than dealing with the hassle and expense of high turnover when employees who look good on paper turn out to be a bad fit for your operation.

Connecting the Dots with Cannabis Recruiters in Oklahoma

Cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors are seeking qualified candidates to fuel startups and expand operations. Skilled candidates are seeking positions that utilize their unique qualifications and help them reach their professional goals. The right cannabis recruiting agency has a growing network of businesses looking to hire and professionals seeking work, allowing for connections that ensure mutually beneficial partnerships.

The cannabis industry has a wide range of jobs, from cultivation professionals, to marketing and sales teams, to accounting and administrative staff. Among the positions that most need to be filled are:

Bud Tenders – This job requires handling of merchandise and working with customers to find the perfect solutions for their needs.  The right worker will have a diverse skillset that includes organization, attention to detail, and good communication skills.

Bud Trimmers – Cultivation workers are in high-demand, and this includes bud trimmers that can maintain and manage plants.  Bud trimmers can often receive on-the-job training, but with horticultural experience, workers can quickly advance.

Dispensary Support Staff – Dispensaries are springing up all over the country in response to the growing demand for cannabis products.  Finding workers that understand and appreciate the culture and merchandise is a top priority for many dispensary operations.

Master Grower – Cultivation can be tricky, and grow masters who have the education and experience to cultivate productive crops and create innovative strains are nabbing top jobs and salaries.

The problem in any industry that’s experiencing rapid growth is connecting companies with the workers they need, and connecting candidates with the jobs they’re suited for.  A cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary recruiting agency can help to connect the dots.

Kind Staffing proudly helps startups and expanding operations to fill their teams with needed temporary labor, temp-to-hire candidates, and direct hire professionals that ensure unfettered growth.  We also work hard to place industry professionals in their dream jobs – positions that not only match their skillsets, but offer opportunities to advance.

Without help, businesses can struggle to find quality employees that meet qualifications and integrate well into established culture.  Professionals might not have access to unlisted jobs that they would be perfect for, or they might get lost in the shuffle with hundreds of other candidates applying for the same positions.

At Kind Staffing, our greatest achievement is connecting businesses with the perfect candidates and seeing how each helps the other to succeed.  If you’re looking for cannabis recruiters in Oklahoma to help you reach your goals, it’s time to see what Kind Staffing can do for you.


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Our Core Values

Kind Staffing is more than just a staffing agency. Our sister company, Force Personnel, has been successfully payrolling and staffing businesses throughout the state of Oklahoma for 11+ years and we UNDERSTAND this business. We also understand how important it is to find individuals that can get the job done, and that fit within your culture.

When it comes to staffing and payrolling, we want to be THE one-stop resource for the cannabis industry in Oklahoma! We are excited about the numerous opportunities for growth and success in the marijuana industry – both for employers and candidates looking for jobs.

Our Clients Say

At Kind Staffing, we always go the extra mile to help employers and candidates find the perfect fit, ensuring successful outcomes. You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say.

“Highly recommend Kind Staffing.  They took the time to understand our business needs and were able to identify additional ways to help streamline the process.”

Mark M., Principal, CannaPharm, LLC

“Our recruiter was struggling to fill two mid-level management positions in our Tulsa facility so we reached out to Kind Staffing for help.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but within days we had multiple applicants to consider for both positions.   We actually hired three!!  We have since outsourced all of our factory staffing through Kind.”

Jana S., Accounting & HR, Poly-plastics

“I had no idea how much time was involved in just paying employees.  As a degreed professional with many years in business, I figured I could handle the payroll and reporting for a handful of dispensary employees in my spare time.  I spent days shopping for insurance coverages, setting up accounts for tax withholding and unemployment insurance before I hired a single budtender.  Out of frustration, I reached out to Kind Staffing to find a full-time person for this role and ending up using their payrolling services instead.  I literally saved the expense of an additional employee and freed up my time for other business matters.”

Dane Loveless, Business Owner

“We just opened our third dispensary and we have used Kind to hire all of our support staff for these locations as well as payrolling all of our associates.  They are unlike any service I have every used.  Love what they do!!!”

Raul Pasco, The Weedery

Boost Productivity with Payroll Assistance

Managing payroll is a full-time job, but you may not have the resources to hire a full-time staff of finance professionals to undertake this essential business function, leaving you to muddle through monthly payroll, quarterly reporting, tax filings, and insurance concerns on your own.  You wouldn’t try to build your own website or take on shipping and logistics on your own – why bother when there are already established authorities offering these services?

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The same basic principle applies to partnering with a suitable marijuana agency for ongoing payroll services.  You don’t have to struggle under the complex demands of payroll requirements when Kind Staffing has the professional payrolling services you need.

We not only fill your staffing needs, but our cannabis agency offers the option to pay employees under our tax ID number so we can manage salaries, benefits, taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment, general liability, and more.  We save you time, boost productivity, and deliver the peace of mind every beleaguered business owner could use a little more of.[/bg_collapse]

What Do Cannabis Recruiters Do?

Your business is about more than the cultivation site workers, master growers, extractors, packagers, budtenders, and other specialists that fill grow operations, production warehouses, and marijuana dispensary jobs, and you need a cannabis staffing agency that delivers on the promise of ideal employees for every position.  At Kind Staffing, we rely on a targeted, multi-step process designed to find the perfect fit for your company and your culture.  How does it work?

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Understanding Your Business and Your Particular Needs

Your business is unique, and whether you’re filling cannabis jobs in cultivation, production, or dispensary settings, you need qualified, passionate, and committed professionals that fit your culture and meet your short- or long-term needs.  We take the time to get to know your company inside and out, rather than simply scanning your job descriptions, to ensure that we have all the information on hand to provide you with the candidates most likely to fulfill all of your requirements.

Tapping into Our Extensive Network

Kind Staffing works hard to cultivate a diverse network of talented, experienced, and qualified candidates for all types of jobs in the cannabis industry so we can quickly match up suitable candidates with open positions.  Our cannabis recruiters tirelessly generate new contacts and candidates with the goal of not only helping companies to find needed resources, but helping motivated candidates land the right job, creating a mutually beneficial employment environment intended to deliver productive and lasting results.

Interviews and Background Checks

Even when you find suitable candidates, you have a long process of interviews and checking backgrounds and references to get through.  You need a marijuana agency that completes thorough interviews and background checks before you ever meet candidates, to streamline the hiring process and minimize turnover.

– Ongoing Management Services

We’re always up-front about fair compensation and we’re happy to help negotiate salaries in order to seal the deal with your preferred candidates.  However, we take ongoing management a step further by offering payrolling services to alleviate the demands on your time and resources.  All you have to do is select a candidate and we’ll manage salary and benefits, taxes, insurance, and more on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on more important concerns.

How We Fill Cannabis Jobs

As your preferred cannabis agency, Kind Staffing is pleased to offer several hiring options, including:

– Temporary Labor – to manage temporary shortages, seasonal needs, and more

– Temp-to-Permanent – providing the opportunity to try out candidates and make sure you find the right fit before hiring permanently

– Direct Hire – expediently filling specific needs with ideal candidates

When you need a reputable and reliable cannabis staffing agency that takes the time to learn about your company and your goals, providing the best candidates for a wide range of cannabis jobs and offering a variety of management solutions, you need Kind Staffing.[/bg_collapse]

How Does a Cannabis Agency Improve the Lives of Consumers?

It’s pretty simple, really.  When you have a talented team of cannabis recruiters on your side, helping you to quickly find the best employees for your every need, you gain the ability to ensure a steady supply of the quality products your customers expect, as well as the outstanding service they deserve.

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Above all else, your customers need access to the medicinal products that offer symptom relief and improve their lives.  It’s your job to provide it, but you can’t do that if you’re having trouble filling critical cannabis jobs, or if your attention is diverted by endless paperwork related to managing payroll and financial responsibilities. 

Hiring suitable workers for growing, production, and marijuana dispensary jobs isn’t easy, and you may face high turnover that puts you back to square one.  At Kind Staffing, we strive to be the cannabis agency you can count on to fill positions fast and find qualified candidates that are passionate and committed to their jobs.

Whether you need temporary labor to fill short-term roles, you’re looking for the opportunity to find the perfect fit with temp-to-permanent, or you’re ready for direct hire and you want the ideal candidate hand delivered, we have the resources to fill your every hiring need post haste, so you can get back to what you do best: serving the needs of your customers.[/bg_collapse]

Our Professional Memberships

We are proud members of the following professional organizations:

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