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Interested in a career in the cannabis industry? The opportunities abound in both the hands-on sectors (dispensaries, grow operations, packaging) as well as the traditional business supporting roles (marketing, human resources, accounting). The many ancillary services supporting the industry are experiencing unprecedented growth and are scrambling to find top talent. There are exciting career opportunities throughout the cannabis industry and Kind Staffing is uniquely qualified to find the perfect fit for your skills and experience!

Kind Staffing: Higher Staffing Solutions

As business growth in the cannabis industry is accelerating at a record pace, so are new and exciting opportunities to establish a career in this industry. At Kind Staffing, we are committed to recruiting talented and motivated individuals to fill this growing need for cannabis professionals. We streamline the hiring process and facilitate positive outcomes.

Positions We Fill

Marijuana Dispensary Jobs

For qualified professionals looking to establish a career in the cannabis industry the options are growing daily. These are very general descriptions of positions we fill most often.

Budtenders are the face of the dispensary and the ones who patients interact with on a daily basis. Budtenders are responsible for greeting patients, answering questions about strains and use, methods of delivery and dosage. The Budtender should be personable and knowledgeable about the industry

Trimmer / Cultivation Site Worker
Trimmers are responsible cutting the buds off the branches and getting them ready for the curing process. Cultivation Site Workers maintain the plants, ensuring the chemicals and lighting are monitored according to the cultivation site schedule. This position may also include harvesting or cutting down, hanging, planting, pruning, feeding, etc.

Dispensary Manager
The Dispensary Manager coordinates and facilitates transactions of the dispensary. The Manager must maintain records, interact with product vendors and understand marketing. The manager trains dispensary employees; decides which products to carry and determines best pricing based on market conditions. The manager must interface with staff, law enforcement, and vendors and are responsible for keeping up with all local and state law regarding the operation of the facility.

Delivery Driver
Many companies involved in the cannabis industry have a company courier or delivery driver to transport cannabis from the cultivation center to processing center and/or dispensary.

Many dispensaries and grow facilities will have on site security guards, just to make their employees and patients feel safer. Some dispensaries may have their security at the entry to check the MMJ Cards.

Our Clients Say

At Kind Staffing, we always go the extra mile to help employers and candidates find the perfect fit, ensuring successful outcomes. You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say.

“Highly recommend Kind Staffing.  They took the time to understand our business needs and were able to identify additional ways to help streamline the process.”

Mark M., Principal, CannaPharm, LLC

“Our recruiter was struggling to fill two mid-level management positions in our Tulsa facility so we reached out to Kind Staffing for help.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but within days we had multiple applicants to consider for both positions.   We actually hired three!!  We have since outsourced all of our factory staffing through Kind.”

Jana S., Accounting & HR, Poly-plastics

“I had no idea how much time was involved in just paying employees.  As a degreed professional with many years in business, I figured I could handle the payroll and reporting for a handful of dispensary employees in my spare time.  I spent days shopping for insurance coverages, setting up accounts for tax withholding and unemployment insurance before I hired a single budtender.  Out of frustration, I reached out to Kind Staffing to find a full-time person for this role and ending up using their payrolling services instead.  I literally saved the expense of an additional employee and freed up my time for other business matters.”

Dane Loveless, Business Owner

“We just opened our third dispensary and we have used Kind to hire all of our support staff for these locations as well as payrolling all of our associates.  They are unlike any service I have every used.  Love what they do!!!”

Raul Pasco, The Weedery

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