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We have long been an advocate of legalizing medical marijuana and we are proud of our role in the growth and success of the cannabis industry in the state of Oklahoma. We are passionate about providing these businesses with the staff and services they need to support their operations and facilitate continued growth.

Payroll, recruiting and hiring are time consuming activities that take particular skills to be truly effective. Kind Staffing brings those skills to the table. We make things easy for our clients – they ask, and we deliver. We follow up with excellent and ongoing customer service that allows you to focus on the smooth operation of your business.

While we are not handling the product, we are supporting the industry by bringing workers and employers together to build mutually beneficial, professional relationships that create a stronger marijuana industry. Our client companies save time and money finding qualified employees, and motivated professionals are introduced to growth opportunities they might never have discovered on their own. Our customized solutions ensure that clients enjoy successful outcomes, leading to business growth and overall satisfaction.

Cannabis Staffing Agency

Kind Staffing offers flexible solutions for companies in the cannabis industry who are seeking talented workers. Whether you are looking to permanently add employees to your staff or you need temporary help to cover seasonal fluctuations in business or for specific projects or events, we will provide a solution that works for your business.

Whether you need just one or two professionals for a short-term project or you require dozens of skilled employees to tackle a project, your operation needs flexible, scalable staffing solutions that provide the best opportunity for growth and success. Kind Staffing provides the flexible options you need to get the job done without the financial and legal headaches associated with hiring. [bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#078ad2″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

The growing cannabis market requires a strong support network to thrive, and one of the main building blocks of a stable industry is a skilled and reliable workforce. That said, businesses face many challenges when filling marijuana staffing jobs, and skilled employees can have a hard time finding the right fit for their talents and goals. At Kind Staffing, we proudly provide cannabis businesses in Oklahoma with staffing and services essential to maintaining a productive and cost-effective venture, and we offer workers a pathway to a promising and rewarding career.

At Kind Staffing, our services include:

  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Temporary Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Payroll Services

Our success in the staffing industry is a direct result of our ability to deliver exceptional service EVERY day. Let us put our decades of staffing expertise to work for you! We will handle the details and save you the expense and time of advertising, screening, interviewing, background checks, payroll processing, W-2’s, and so much more!![/bg_collapse]

Opportunities for Professional Growth

The surest path to success is having the right people for the right job. At Kind Staffing, we strive to provide the very best in payroll and staffing solutions for our clients in the cannabis industry.

We value diversity and strong work ethic, and we recognize talent and drive when we see them. When we match qualified candidates with companies in need of reliable and talented employees, we’ve done our job.

We are committed to finding the perfect fit between qualified applicants and clients involved in the cannabis business. Whether it’s cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary sales or any of the many business services supporting the industry – we’ve got you covered.

Find Your Next Role with Kind Staffing


– What is Temp-to-Hire?

While employers and workers alike are often seeking the mutual benefits of permanent positions, it’s not always easy to find the right fit for cultivation, production, or marijuana dispensary jobs. This is where a temp-to-hire situation can provide the perfect solution, from both perspectives. Kind Staffing always strives to connect employers and workers who have all the indicators of a perfect match, but temp-to-hire offers a trial period to make sure.

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– Benefits of Temp-to-Hire

Hiring for cannabis jobs can be a stressful process for employers and employees alike, but the temp-to-hire option provides an easy out should either party find the situation unsuitable. Companies naturally want to find workers that not only have the training and experience to perform well but a personality that fits the culture. Employees want to receive fair compensation, enjoy the opportunity to advance, and work with an employer that values their contributions. If either party isn’t satisfied, they can opt to end the trial period and move on.

– The Temp-to-Hire Process

What can you expect when you choose temp-to-hire marijuana staffing jobs? With temp-to-hire solutions from Kind Staffing, both sides enjoy the benefit of a trial period that allows them to discover if the arrangement is a good fit. If so, they can complete the permanent hiring process, and if not, they can simply walk away and look for a better match elsewhere.

Temporary Hire

– What is Temporary Hire?

Many industries have seasonal and other temporary spikes that require additional hands on deck, and the cannabis industry is no different. While many cannabis staffing jobs rely on permanent employees, this industry has ups and downs that revolve around crop cycles, and many businesses need extra help periodically for special projects or events. For this reason, Kind Staffing offers the option for temporary hire, connecting businesses and skilled labor for short-term employment opportunities.

– Benefits of Temporary Hire

Both businesses and workers can gain value from a temporary hire situation. Employers enjoy flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions, with skilled and experienced workers that can immediately relieve overburdened staff without adding to long-term overhead. For skilled workers, temporary hire offers the opportunity to enhance earnings with a secondary income, as well as the chance to get a foot in the door, building industry relationships and potentially gaining consideration for a coveted permanent position later on.

– What to Expect

Whether temporary positions are offered for cultivation, production, or marijuana dispensary jobs, the parameters and expectations are made clear upfront, so both businesses and workers understand the scope of work to be completed in a specified time frame. Kind Staffing is happy to facilitate flexible staffing solutions for short-term engagements and negotiate for longer-term situations as required.

Direct Hire

– What is Direct Hire?

While temp-to-hire is a popular choice for many types of cannabis staffing jobs, there are also going to be positions for which the level of education and experience, paired with background checks, references, and interviews, will suffice to deliver the ideal candidate. By this method, Kind Staffing will do the heavy lifting, providing the best possible candidates for a given position to ensure a good long-term fit for both the employer and the employee.

– Benefits of Direct Hire

Whether a company is hiring for high-level cultivation experts or experienced marijuana dispensary jobs, offering a permanent position with no trial period yields certain benefits. First and foremost, it’s going to serve as the most attractive option for experienced professionals, attracting top talent and creating an expectation of long-term commitment to the job. It allows businesses the best opportunity to nab the perfect candidate and dive right into the training and onboarding process, with less fear of potential turnover.

For workers with desirable skill sets and backgrounds, the benefit of a permanent position is a locked-in salary and benefits, as well as the promise of stability. Employees can confidently commit themselves to a position and start or continue on their chosen career path. Kind Staffing understands the significance of this particular type of hire and excels at finding only candidates that are likely to be the best fit for a permanent position, for the mutual benefit of both parties. [/bg_collapse]

Are Payroll Services Right for You?

If you own and operate a cannabis company and you’re interested in saving time and money on payroll, then payroll services from the experienced professionals at Kind Staffing are right for you. In addition to filling marijuana staffing jobs, we’re happy to manage your payroll requirements, leaving you free to deal with more pressing concerns.

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The process is simple – we pay your employees under our tax ID number, providing the agreed salary and benefits and managing tax withholding, FICA, worker’s compensation, unemployment, and more. We also file quarterly and annual tax returns and handle unemployment and workers’ compensation claims on your behalf. All you have to do is cover employee expenses and our service fee, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Increase Productivity with Reliable Payroll Solutions

When you’re bogged down in payroll concerns, you’re taking time away from the important business of managing your company. When you partner with Kind Staffing, not just for the purposes of filling cannabis jobs but managing your payroll for you, the result is more time to focus on what’s most important – keeping the wheels of industry turning.

In addition to saving time and money, our payroll services are designed to deliver compliance with the most current guidelines, and you can rely on professional services that are always done right when you choose Kind Staffing to manage your payroll needs. The only thing better than the time and money you’ll save with our payroll services is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy.[/bg_collapse]

Our Clients Say

At Kind Staffing, we always go the extra mile to help employers and candidates find the perfect fit, ensuring successful outcomes. You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say.

“Highly recommend Kind Staffing.  They took the time to understand our business needs and were able to identify additional ways to help streamline the process.”

Mark M., Principal, CannaPharm, LLC

“Our recruiter was struggling to fill two mid-level management positions in our Tulsa facility so we reached out to Kind Staffing for help.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but within days we had multiple applicants to consider for both positions.   We actually hired three!!  We have since outsourced all of our factory staffing through Kind.”

Jana S., Accounting & HR, Poly-plastics

“I had no idea how much time was involved in just paying employees.  As a degreed professional with many years in business, I figured I could handle the payroll and reporting for a handful of dispensary employees in my spare time.  I spent days shopping for insurance coverages, setting up accounts for tax withholding and unemployment insurance before I hired a single budtender.  Out of frustration, I reached out to Kind Staffing to find a full-time person for this role and ending up using their payrolling services instead.  I literally saved the expense of an additional employee and freed up my time for other business matters.”

Dane Loveless, Business Owner

“We just opened our third dispensary and we have used Kind to hire all of our support staff for these locations as well as payrolling all of our associates.  They are unlike any service I have every used.  Love what they do!!!”

Raul Pasco, The Weedery

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